Oferta dla studentów: GERG Secretariat Support Role, Master’s Student

The European Gas Research Group is a non-profit association, established in 1961 to promote collaborative research between European gas industry companies. Today the association counts 33 members from 15 countries, for whom it provides a forum for discussion, technological exchange and information dissemination. The GERG R&D projects focus on five strategic areas: hydrogen, biomethane, methane emissions, LNG, and infrastructure & end-use. The projects are initiated by the members or answer a demand from the European Commission.
More information on www.gerg.eu.

Placement objectives and role:
• Assist with the project management activities of a European project on hydrogen and natural gas blending technology
• Attendance at Working Groups and other meetings to gain overview of GERG work-programme
• Attendance of ad-hoc meetings, for the most part in Brussels, both technical and policy related and reporting back to the Secretariat and GERG membership
• Administration and update of GERG communications including website, internal interfaces with members, with the objective of improving the visibility of GERG as an Association
• Preparation of meetings, communications, and reports as discussed with the Secretary

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