REHVA Journal 2/2022

W numerze:

  • Principles of ventilation design to achieve high IAQ
  • Operational challenges of modern demand control ventilation systems: a case study
  • BIPV in Nordic climate: the ZEB Laboratory
  • Buildings Post Corona
  • Highlights of EPBD recast proposal – aspects related to HVAC
  • Energy efficient rebuilding
  • Occupant targeted ventilation brings clean air to occupants
  • Dimensioning of the cooling system in Finnish office buildings using the new cooling design days for the current and future climates
  • New Danish standard for mechanical, natural and hybrid ventilation systems
  • Principles of new Finnish ventilation inspections
  • Status of Ventilation in Sweden
  • Frosting in residential heat recovery units
  • Ventilation requirements and results in renovation of Estonian apartment buildings with KredEx scheme
  • TAIL and PredicTAIL – the tools for rating and predicting the indoor environmental quality in buildings

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